Spiritual Entrepreneurs most loved graphic designer.

Hi! Im Erika. A graphic designer who travels and moves way too often. With two degrees in art and many years in visual marketing. 

Passionately working with spiritual entrepreneurs who want to bring a specific energy up for their audience. Is that you?

Raised on a Caribbean island, surrounded by dogs with Disney princess names and making art. My life mission brought my two passions together.

  • “Smart “ student
  • Party hard college girl bartender to pay my lifestyle
  • Stay at home wife + mom working in MLM
  • Launched her first business online
  • Currently CEO of Crown Media Consulting


I seek to create good looking and attractive graphics. We strive to grow our company with the same energy and honesty we use to create our clients graphics so we can grow together. 


Bring the same business energy into your visual marketing.

"your process is so smooth and straight to the point yet 100% intuitive. I can feel it, like it's not a script. You really connected with me and what I wanted without me telling you.

you have made me feel so comfortable with trusting another individual with my business. You are a blessing my sweet soul!"

- Melissa -

"i am constantly blown away by what you can do and the support you provide too!"

- Susan -

"Im in love with this graphics. You have mad graphic skills girrrl."

- Jen -

"All your details! I love the t-shirt and the design so much!!! thanks. I am definitely ordering more shirts."

- Ingrid -

"Im so glad i decided to work with you when my dms got flooded by designers. best decision ever, like EVER on planet earth. Love you"

- Kristina -